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With full Speed and Accuracy

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Lipi Lekhika Type Indian Languages with full Speed and Accuracy


Lekhan Sahayika (Typing Helper) always there to Help you out

Lekhan Sahayika

Lekhan Sahayika (Typing Helper) is always there to help you out. This will make you learn how Lipi Lekhika functions in a more interactive way. You Can later turn it Off.

Phonetic, Intuitive and Elegant Usage Tables

The Usage Tables (or Transliteration Maps) use closest Alphabet in English to map the sounds of Indian Languages. Where more than one sounds corresponds to same alphabet there they have been suffixed with numbers. There are many more features which enable easiest possible typing. Simply Type in English and have it Transliterated in your Script. 

t ➠ त ,T ➠ ट and also  ttt ➠ ट 

Lipi Lekhika Usage Table

Supports Indian Languages, alsoAdditional Scripts


Lipi Lekhika Supports :- Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada, Odia(Oriya), Konkani, Assamese, Sanskrit, Sinhala, Punjabi(Gurumukhi), Urdu and Kashmiri. It also has support for lossless typing of Indian Languages with Romanized (ISO) standards. Lipi Lekhika also Supports Modi, Sharda, Brahmi, Siddham and Granth.

Lipi Lekhika Supports many Brahmic Scripts.

Lipi Lekhika's Supported Languages
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Use Lipi Lekhika Online

Lipi Lekhika has native Support for Windows with a full fledged Application for Real Time Typing. While the Online version can be used on any device. A offline package of Online Version is there in both Windows and Android versions.

Lipi Parivartak







The Web Version has tool named Lipi Parivartak (Script Converter) which allows you to convert text from one Script to Other. Here


And Like this many many more

Vedic Sanskrit Support for All Languages


Vedic Sanskrit Support is available for All modern Indian Scripts in natural and original way. For Other Scripts it is available through a trick.

Lipi Lekhika API

Lipi Lekhika also provides a free API which allows you to Embed Lipi Lekhika into your Website or JavaScript App with just few lines of Code.

Usage Table for Vedic Signs
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Lipi lekhika is licenced under MIT Licence
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